“500 Days of Summer”: How to not have a happy ending

June 2, 2010 wordonawing

I recently watched “500 Days of Summer” and fell in love with both the movie and the soundtrack…the two main characters start to bond in the elevator at work over a Smiths song, so how could I not love this?!  I thought the movie did such an excellent job of showing the joys. sorrows, and frustrations  of love and relationshipsDoes anyone ever really understand any of this…”love stuff?” I often think I have somehow missed a very important to “how to” guide to all of this, as in I was absent that particular day of the lecture, but no…

Most everyone I’ve spoken to about this “love stuff” seems to be in agreement: no one knows what the hell is going on and we’re all just muddling through it as best we can.

And after this most recent news of the Gore’s separating after 40 years of marriage…it’s shocking in a way, and yet, I also think it must take tremendous courage to do something like this, make such a drastic change to one’s life…I find myself sad for them yet at the same time, congratulating them for being honest enough with themselves and each other when something is just not working anymore.  And yet…I still believe in love.  I still turn to love.  And how crazy is that?!  But then again, as in “500 Days” I frequently find my perceptions of “reality” and “expectations” to always be slightly out of alignment and perhaps it’s this way for most other people as well, I’m not sure.  What I AM sure of is that none of this easy.

That much, I am certain of.


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