“A Skin Too Few”

June 3, 2010 wordonawing

I love Nick Drake and I recently watched the documentary on him, “A Skin Too Few” and found myself once again, enthralled by a romantic and sensitive poetic soul.  I’ve had the same feelings about Ian Curtis too, after watching the film “Control”…I once mentioned this propensity of mine  (romanticizing artistic creative men who have died) to my sister and she said, “Hmmm, perhaps it’s the fact that because they are no longer alive, and are dead, they can’t disappoint you” which actually as strange as it may sound, kind of makes sense.
In the documentary about Nick Drake though, he speaks (in anecdotes related by others who knew him) about not understanding how so many people can tell him how talented he is and yet still remain destitute financially and virtually unknown and when I heard this, I thought, “How many other artists have I heard say this very thing”…it made me feel sad thinking, “If only he had been recognized and appreciated in his own lifetime, perhaps that would have made a real difference in his life,” much like Van Gogh in his time.  I think all artists, on some level, want to have their work embraced or at the very least, acknowledged, as creating any kind of art, I think, is really ultimately about casting a voice into the vast openess and waitng, and hoping, even longing, for a response…and even tho Nick Drake is acclaimed NOW, it would have been so very nice if this would have happened while he was still alive, when it might have actually mattered, when it might have actually made a difference in his life.  But at least we have his music and words, which is something.

Still though, it’s a wonderful documentary about a tormented person who somehow found a way to create beauty from his pain, which to me, is the very definition of an artist.


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