Why I Love Vintage Fashion

June 4, 2010 wordonawing

As someone who has often felt as tho she was born in the wrong century, I have always gravitated towards vintage type clothing.  I just love it. Along with the love of vintage fashion is also a love of vintage fashion photogrhapy such as this iconic picture taken by Richard Avedon, titled “Dovima with the Elephants”:
Of course, loving black and white photography as I do, only adds to the overall stylishness of these pictures but still…they really don’t seem to make photographs like this anymore, do they?  I think another element for me too, is that so much of vintage fashion has such a beautiful timeless quality to it and in that also, there is a definite sense of nostalgia and romance too (I sometimes wonder if nostalgia and romance aren’t, in fact, the same thing!) as evidenced in this wonderful photograph of a dress that is…almost otherworldly, I think…a confection of delights:

This is a “fantasy” dress that I can’t actually imagine wearing and yet…just looking at it makes me happy 🙂

I seem to be especially enamored of “The New Look” of Christian Dior circa 1950’s…hats, gloves, all those lovely acoutrements that are hardly seen today, except perhaps by the wonderful Dita Von Teese who probably doesn’t even own a pair of sweatpants, bless her heart:

I would love to dress this way everyday and yet…I don’t think I’ll be completely abandoning my jeans and tshirts on comfy days either 🙂

But, oh, to dream…


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